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Making a DIY Bird Feeder


Since moving house we've really enjoyed making our garden wildlife-friendly, with wild flowers, a butterfly feeder and miniature pond.  A few weeks ago we decided to make some bird feeders using logs which had been cut from overhanging branches.

We started by cutting a log to around 30cm in length, then hollowing out the centre, leaving around 5cm at the base and 2cm around the sides.  The kids really enjoyed helping with the easier bits.

We made a large hole just above the base and then drilled a smaller hole just below this, in order to push a twig through for the birds to perch on.  

We filled it with fat balls and hung on a tree, I'm yet to get a decent photo but the birdies seem to be enjoying it!

We're also making an extra one of these to give away!  Click to enter the Win a homemade natural bird feeder competition!

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