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A postcard from... The Isle of Wight Zoo


We visited the Isle of Wight Zoo over the Easter holidays and nothing says 'Easter' more than a cute lemur among the daffodils! 



Most of the big cats were sleeping, including Tequila the jaguar (above), but still beautiful to photograph.





Nahla may be the most beautiful lion I've ever seen... just gorgeous.  At first we had our backs to the enclosure, looking at the other lions, when she started strolling around and making noise as if to say "I'm awake, come and admire me!"



The zoo had a great activity trail which the kids loved.  They had to stamp their cards with a different animal stamp at various points around the zoo, which was a really nice idea, it beats a pencil and paper style activity sheet any day and is something younger children can enjoy as much as the older ones.  Of course there was time for a play on the slide too!



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