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#DanceYourYears - A STOMP inspired Red Nose Day routine!


My daughter was just a few months too young to participate in the Comic Relief Danceathon on Sunday, but she really wanted to do something dance related to help raise money!  Last Red Nose Day, she learnt a few basic steps from 25 genres of dance and put them all together into a brilliant routine to Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs - you can see the performance here.

So, when Team Honk announced they had a fantastic way for anyone who couldn't join the Danceathon to #DanceYourYears from home, we thought this was great.  She's 9 years old so the aim was to dance for 9 minutes, raising £9 - a really easy and fun way for kids to join in!


She has been learning about the musical STOMP recently at school, in her music lessons and really wanted to use some of what she had learnt within the dance.  So, she used various props including lots of red paint, a roller, mop, and red duct tape to make a giant red nose as she danced.  She choreographed the whole thing herself, but some bits were improvised.  She then (with a bit of help) recorded the various sounds she was making in the dance with the roller, her hands, etc and together we made the soundtrack for the video.


The video we made is just under 2 minutes and shows clips from the 9 minute routine.  It's amazing how much mess you can make in 9 minutes!!  She loved rolling around in the paint and doing caterpillar moves to help spread the paint around!


A big THANK YOU to Katz Dancewear who provided us with the dancewear for this.  Amazingly, after a wash, the catsuit came out almost as good as new!

Enjoy the video and if you'd like to donate to our fundraising total, you can do that here - http://my.rednoseday.com/sponsor/helenkate 

Also, please take a look at the red nose colouring competition which ends in a few days!

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