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Leaving a trail of mud behind them...

The highlight of my Friday evenings - cleaning up the mud!
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It's the morning after.  The morning after another evening of soaking muddy socks, scraping dirt off boots and mopping the hallway floor (despite taking her boots off at the door, the mess somehow still manages to trail throughout the house!)

But I wouldn't change a thing, because my daughter absolutely loves her after school football club and her running club (and does both on the same day!), as well as netball and dancing.  She certainly doesn't take after me - I hated sports (well, everything except dancing anyway).

I'm sure I've got all this to come again in the next few years with my little boy.  He's already a mud-aholic and can't get enough of squelching through mud, splashing through puddles and generally getting messy!  I can already imagine him throwing himself around the school field, with any excuse to dive in the dirt!

This is where a half decent washing machine will come in handy!  Looking at Panasonic washing machines, there are some which come with extra wide doors (great for getting bulky items such as padded winter coats and PE kits covered in mud in there!) and HydroActive technology, showering the laundry from two directions to ensure an efficient wash and rinse, getting every last remainder of the school field from the clothes!

And my top tips for cleaning football boots...

1. Scrape/tap most of the soggy mud off outside
2. Leave to dry completely before brushing the rest of the mud off
3. Give them a quick rinse or wipe with a damp cloth
4. Stuff with old newspaper to dry them out quicker and help stop them from smelling
5. Avoid putting them in the washing machine, but if they do get smelly and you really must use the machine, pop them inside a pillowcase first, to help prevent damage to the machine or the shoes.  Alternatively, soak them in a bucket with warm, soapy water before hanging outside on the line - much better for your washing machine!

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