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A postcard from... the New Forest, getting closer to nature


Last weekend we braved the muddy puddles and ventured into the New Forest.  The Pickle was determined that however content he was splashing around, there would be no smiles for the camera, despite me using the "I'm not taking a picture of you, I'm taking a picture of that tree behind you" tactic!  In the end I gave up and took a picture of the tree, it was much more agreeable.

It was also a good excuse to test out the Kurio Zoom-It which had been a Christmas present.  It's basically a magnifying glass which clips on to any tablet or phone with a rear camera and lets you take detailed close up photos.  There were lots of interesting opportunities to use this and the following five pictures were all taken by my daughter using the Zoom-It.




The Pickle enjoyed helping out too by finding suitable items to take photos of.  He still refused to show any evidence of himself having fun on camera though!

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