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A postcard from.... The Gruffalo Trail at Moors Valley


Last weekend we visited the deep dark wood (aka Moors Valley Country Park, near Ringwood) to see the Gruffalo's Child Trail.  It was raining.  A lot.  As it seems to do each time we leave our house, but it doesn't bother The Princess and The Pickle.  In fact, I think they prefer rainy days to sunny days, which is just as well!


We searched for the signs high up in the trees, made drawings in the mud and even met the Gruffalo himself.  He actually seemed quite shy and wasn't half as scary as the book says he is!


We found lots of interesting fungi along the way - including these 'Gruffalo bogies!"

The Princess and The Pickle had lots of fun on the play trail, the tree top trail and just running through the forest!


After a few hours of fun it was starting to get dark and time to head home... but not before some serious splashing!




You can read my full review of the Gruffalo's Child Trail at Mums In The Know.

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