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Chicken Charades from University Games - Review


Chicken Charades is a new, fast-paced, fun family game from University Games.  

The aim of the game is simple – be the first team to earn 10 points. Once the teams have decided which colour charade cards they will play with (green or red), team members roll the dice in turn. The number that is rolled has a corresponding word on the coloured card and that player has 10 seconds to act out the word – with a twist – they must use the squeaky chicken to help act it out!

For example, the word here was 'marching' and the chicken was indeed marching, but did we get it right?  Not quite - we guessed walking, stamping, dancing - everything but marching!  But even when we didn't get the answers right, we all had fun guessing.  It's one of those games where everyone is involved, there is no sitting around waiting for a turn.

I'm not sure who had the most fun with this - The Princess and The Pickle or Mum and Dad!  It's certainly a game for playing over Christmas with family or friends - especially with a drink or two!  

The game is recommended for ages 8+, but The Pickle (aged 4) had lots of fun joining in and absolutely loved the squeaky chicken.  He recognised the numbers on the dice and the cards, so just needed a little help reading the words.  He tried his best to act them out and did very well with 'boat', although we guessed every creature under the sea before we got there!  He also enjoyed acting out his own ideas but they were quite easy to guess as most of the time it was 'lightsaber'!

Chicken Charades is a really fun and interesting twist on the classic game of charades and it's certainly something we'll be playing lots over the Christmas holidays!

What is the word The Princess is acting out here?  Any guesses?!

The RRP of Chicken Charades is £19.99.  Available at Argos, amazon, Toys R Us, Toymaster and other major retailers. 

We received a sample of the game for the purpose of the review, all opinions are our own. 
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