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Angel Delight as you've never seen it before!


A little comic strip by The Princess and The Pickle (with maybe a teeny bit of creative direction from the parents, but don't blame it all on us!)  If you don't like a little bit of cheese, look away now...

We love Saturday evenings - we get to play with Lego, stay up to watch the X Factor (STEVI TO WIN!) and have a fun snacky tea, sometimes with Angel Delight for pudding!  Last Saturday we made a whole range of desserts and a story to go with them.  We hope you enjoy it!

Vote for your favourite!  Leave a comment below and let us know which of our Angel Delight creations you most like the look of; 

Bubblegum Banana Burst
Peppermint Pow
Strawberry Smoothie
Butterscotch Biscuit Blast

The Princess and The Pickle x

Update 7/11/14:
Thanks for the tweet, Dermot!


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