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My Songs - The new Spotify app for kids


The Princess and The Pickle were recently asked to have a little look at the new My Songs Spotify app and see what they thought of it.  Launched by music label USM Junior, it is the first ever children's music based discovery app on Spotify and is available on the free version as well as premium.

My Songs can be found using the Spotify App Finder and is currently at number 101.  Please excuse the photos of my very dusty laptop screen complete with child finger marks where he thought it was a touch screen!

You have the option of party songs, rhymes, TV themes, lullabies and more and from there you can choose a playlist suitable for under or over 5 year olds.

The Pickle and I enjoyed putting together our own playlist from the Halloween and Party albums and I think the Christmas playlists will be popular in our house in another month or so!  The Pickle is pretty good with computers but he's only 4 and found this really easy to use with a little help.  Here is our Halloween party playlist!

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