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A postcard from... Birdworld at Halloween


Last Friday The Princess and The Pickle had a school inset day so we ventured to Birdworld in Farnham.  We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Halloween Grotto before it's advertised opening the following day.  Inside were spooky spiders, ghastly ghosts and perilous pirates!  The Pickle has not stopped talking about it yet and The Princess enjoyed it so much she walked through the grotto another three times by herself!

The Pickle loved visiting the penguins and he really liked the ship you have to walk through to see them!

The cygnets were very sweet and fluffy but we didn't hang around for too long as the beautiful black swans didn't appreciate us being there (there was a sign on the fence warning us that the daddy was a bit protective!)

There were also a few walk through areas where you could get really close to the birds (some even followed us around the enclosure!)

The Peacock also stayed very close to us when we had our packed lunch, but was very patient and waited until we'd left the table to dive in and see if we had left any crumbs!

Birdworld is also home to Jenny Wren Farm where there are chickens wondering around and you can handle small animals such as mice and rabbits.  

I have to admit, we didn't expect to see reindeer at Birdworld!

We had a lovely day and hope to visit again in the future!

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