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Where does the time go?


The summer holidays flew by so quickly and now The Princess and The Pickle are back at school and preschool.  Next year they will be Year 6 and Year R - now that's a scary thought!  It only seems 5 minutes ago The Pickle was a tiny baby and in a couple of months we'll be applying for his place at 'big school'!

The Princess is one of the youngest in her year as she was an August baby, but she was more than ready for school just after her fourth birthday.  The Pickle is just about to turn four but I can't imagine him at school yet and I'm so glad he has another year to go.  It means I have an extra year of trips to the park after preschool, days off together doing painting and baking, cuddling up to watch a DVD and making the most of his precious preschool years.

Fairy Non Bio also want to encourage parents to embrace every moment of these preschool years and they have made this video to show how quickly the time flies and why it's important to share lots of cuddles with your little ones while they're the softest they'll ever be!


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