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The Princess' Butlins Diary


When we got to Butlins our room was already ready, so we went to see it straight away.  We had a State Room which was amazing!  There was a terrific telescope and a big balcony, it was so much fun.  I loved having a room with a balcony because you don't have to go all the way downstairs to go outside!

After we had unpacked we went for a walk around Butlins and saw the beach.  The tide was right out and the sea was really calm.

The food in the Shoreline Hotel restaurant was delicious and I liked it because you could help yourself to what you fancied.  We had breakfast in there and also dinner one night.

Another good place to eat was The Diner.  We tried the Ultimate Fondue with fruit, chocolate lollies and marshmallows, it was amazing!

In the ice cream shop, Scoop, I had strawberry sorbet and strawberry cheesecake ice cream in a cone with some marshmallows and sprinkles!  Yum!!  

I did some Archery and we were split into teams and played some games.  We had to try and pop the balloons on the other team's targets, it was great fun.  The instructors were helpful and told you what you were aiming for and how to hold your bow properly.

The swimming pool was awesome and quite big.  It had a wave machine and lots of slides, I went on four different slides.

In the art club we made picture frames out of card.  I chose to have a green background and stuck lots of beads and things on.  Mum and Dad had fun too!

One of my favourite activities was bowling because I enjoy it and haven't played it for a long time. 

The fairground was really good.  One of my favourite rides was the boat as it didn't just go forwards and backwards but spun round as well.  I went on that with Mum a few times.  I also went on the Helter Skelter where you sit on a mat and slide down.  I'm a bit scared of heights so I didn't like the climbing up but it was worth it because I had fun sliding down.  The only thing is when it rains you can't go on it because the mats don't slide down very well.  I think they should have a roof over it so it can work all the time.  I raced Dad on the Dune Buggies but I crashed and came last, it was still great fun though.

The best show we saw in Centre Stage was Dick V Dom because they were so funny.  One of my favourite parts was where a man from the audience had to wear a silly mask and Dick made him sound like he had a funny voice.  Mum had to go on stage too and try and punch her way out of a huge paper bag!  Then there was a big custard pie fight at the end!  I would rate the show 10 out of 10.

The Redcoats were really entertaining, especially the ones who came to play Angry Birds with us on Dad's phone while we were in the queue for Dick V Dom.

I think it would be good for Butlins to have something like a nature trail that is a bit different and quieter to the rest of the activities.  You could have a sheet to tick things off when you see them, like a seagull (there are lots of those around!)

I'd like to go to Butlins again because there are lots of things we didn't have time to do, like see Amazing Animals and Dino Babies 3D.  I would tell my friends to go because there are lots of fun things to do like arcade machines, fairground rides, seeing shows and more and lots of these things are free when you are there.  I had a week packed full of fun!

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