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Our Butlins Racing Redcoats in action!

Somehow, it's already been 2 weeks since we returned home from our Butlins break - where did that time go?!  We found a fun way to look back on the time we had there by making some Racing Redcoats!  

Mister Maker is appearing at Butlins in his new stage show on the Just for Tots breaks and he shows you how to make these fab Racing Redcoats on the Butlins website.

We're big Mister Maker fans here!  The Princess met him a couple of years ago at CBeebies Live and he was so friendly and took the time to thank her for the collage she made and speak to her about the Pudsey's Adventures colouring competition she was organising for Children In Need.  He even donated one of his paintings as a prize!  Of course, The Pickle is also a big fan now and I can imagine how excited he'd be to see him at Butlins!

So, as a rainy day activity we set about making our redcoats.  We didn't have everything we needed so we had to improvise and modify the design a little bit (sorry Mister Maker!)

We decided to base them on some of our favourite redcoats from Bognor Regis - George and Ashley who had been fantastic in entertaining The Princess and The Pickle while we queued for a show (even if Ashley did later talk me into going up on stage with Dick and Dom!) and Jake and Hazel who had run a few of the activities, such as fencing.

We each drew a face and we made name badges for them.  The Princess and The Pickle then used lots of gloopy glue to stick everything down!  We used washers on cocktail sticks to make wheels for them - and they worked pretty well!  Here are our Racing Redcoats in action.... who do you think will win?


The Just for Tots breaks do look really good for preschool children, with all the activities aimed at under 5s, early dining times with meals designed by Annabel Karmel and shows repeated through the week incase you miss one.  The breaks are only in term time so you miss the big rush of the school holidays too.  Butlins does have so much to offer for the little ones and after seeing a friend had just been to the Skegness resort with two under 5s I had to ask what she thought...

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