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Creating a homework corner - making the most of a small space!

Since The Princess currently shares a room with The Pickle, her own space is very limited.  So, we decided to transform the built in wardrobe space in their room into her own space for homework, creativity, reading, and just to escape from her little brother for a while!

We took the door off to open it up and let some light in (not quite Harry Potter shut away in a little cupboard under the stairs!) and DIY Dad built a bespoke desk to fit perfectly (not quite perfect yet, with a few bits to finish, but you know what Dads are like - if they say they'll do it in 5 minutes, they'll do it, no need to keep reminding them every 6 months!)  He also put in a couple of shelves for her million and one books.

The walls are adorned with pictures - mostly by The Princess who loves drawing, painting and making things.  
Top:  Elephant collage, 'Leopard's Tail' with charcoal pencils, Sunflower painting, 'Oddly Godly' from the very talented What Katie Drew, 'Our Cats' painting.
Middle:  A couple of Inspired Art pictures I did just for fun, using some amusing quotes from The Princess for inspiration.
Bottom:  Masks, crown, butterfly on a sunflower.

The Princess loves bright colours and has filled her 'office' (as she calls it) with colourful, bold accessories - stackable pots for storing hair clips, etc, Snail Memo Holder from Two Animals (you can win one of these in our competition here), Amazilia (which means hummingbird) token from a school trip to the New Forest, her beloved guitar, Hama Beads design and a keyring she won in the 2p arcade machine on our trip to Butlins (it ended up costing a fortune in 2p's!)

Top tips for creating a child's homework space:

* Think about the space you have and build/buy furniture to fit if possible
* Fill in gaps with shelves for storage
* Wicker baskets are great for hiding away all the small bits and bobs that children manage to accumulate
* Personalise the space with pictures, photos and accessories
* Keep it tidy - 'the mess ate my homework' excuse doesn't work!

Pop over here to see the Snail Memo Holder in a bit more detail, plus your chance to win one in a colour of your choice, as part of our Happy Birthday Blog Giveaway!

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