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A New Old Bike!

Last weekend The Princess tried out her new (my old) bike for the first time!  My Raleigh Cassis (yes I know, Coco was way more popular and I remember being torn between the two in the shop, but the Cassis was just a little less pink and a little more cool!) it's now been in the family for a good 20 years and still going strong.  To be fair, it was kept in the house rather than outside and was probably dusted daily by my mum as she went about the housework!

We went to our favourite cycling spot - Woods Corner in Burley, New Forest and off she went.  Even though her toes could barely touch the ground, she found her confidence straight away and zoomed off ahead of us.

The Pickle, on the other hand, wasn't too keen on the idea of a bike ride and was much more interested in spotting ants, or pushing his bike along and chasing his sister!  Although he did have a go in the end and we had a lovely afternoon in the sunshine.


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