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The Princess and The Pickle's Perfect Pizzas


The Pickle's step by step guide to making pizza dough
(makes one large pizza or 4 mini pizzas, plus dough balls):

1. Tip 800g of plain flour, 14g of dried yeast and 2 tsp of salt into a bowl.
2. Stir it together then dig a hole, making sure to spill plenty over the sides of the bowl.
3. Pour in 500ml of warm water (Daddy insisted on helping with this even though I was clearly doing fine by myself.  I think he was feeling a bit left out).
4. Give it another good stir.  Tip:  Sticking your tongue out aids concentration.
5.  Squish it up.

 6. Use half the mixture for the pizza bases and leave the other half in the bowl.  Divide into 4 equal amounts.
7. Roll out the pizza bases so they are around 1cm thick.  (Yes, this is a water bottle because somebody 'lost' the rolling pin... I am working with complete amateurs here!)
8. Measure with your hand.  If you like.
9. Transfer to a greased baking tray.

   10.  Divide the other half of the mixture into equal amounts to make dough balls.  Complain to parents because you thought you were making snowballs.
11.  Flatten the dough balls and put a cube of Mozzarella in the centre of each one.
12. Fold it up and squish back into a ball shape.
13. Transfer to a greased baking tray.
14. Build a quick dough ball tower while parents aren't looking.  Resist the urge to start a snowball fight - you will most likely get told off.

 15.  Attempt to juggle peppers.  
16. See the mountain of tomatoes and find someone else to chop them all up for you.  Make your excuses and leave.
17. Put chopped tomatoes in a bowl with chopped onion, garlic, basil, a splash of olive oil and a dash of lime.
18. Use this to top the pizzas, followed by cheese and other toppings of your choice (we used peppers, mushrooms, salami from Morrisons Spanish Platter and the remaining Mozzarella from the dough balls)
19. Bake for around 20 - 25 minutes. 

We served our pizzas and dough balls with nachos (topped with the remaining salsa we made for the pizzas), baked potato wedges, Morrisons Savers Salad (a bargain at 46p!) and carrot/cucumber sticks, peppers and sugarsnap peas.

 Saturday nights are a 'treat' night for us.  We usually enjoy a snacky tea followed by popcorn, while watching a film and then Britain's Got Talent!  We found Robosapien on DVD for £3 at Morrisons and 2 large bags of popcorn for £1.35 which is much cheaper than some other brands.  Unfortunately we weren't fans of the toffee popcorn (it tasted slightly burnt and had lots of unpopped kernels) but the sweet popcorn was lovely - just as nice as the branded popcorn we would normally buy.     

The meal itself was delicious.  The ingredients used for the pizzas, toppings and dough balls cost approximately £9.43, which for the four of us worked out at £2.36 per person - and there were even leftovers for our picnic in the bluebell woods the following day!

We were given Morrisons vouchers as part of the Britmums #MorrisonsMum campaign.
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