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Rise of the Dinosaurs - Marwell Zoo


...You're sure of a BIG surprise!

Beneath the trees where nobody sees
They'll stomp and roar as loud as they please,
For today's the day we saw the Rise of the Dinosaurs!

A little while ago The Princess and The Pickle were invited to take part in the #HappyDinosaur video to promote the Rise of the Dinosaurs event at Marwell.  This evening we were invited back to see the life-like animatronic dinos in action.

Armed with their cuddly dinosaurs the little explorers went in search of some not so cuddly dinosaurs...

"There's one!", shouted The Pickle, every time he spotted a dinosaur.

Watch out for the Baryonyx...

He has terrible manners!


But the Citipati looked quite fluffy and cuddly!

 We loved the Triceratops...

 ...especially the tiny ones!

 But our favourite had to be T-Rex.

He was very naughty though and had trampled through his enclosure, knocking over fence posts as he went...

...and generally making a big mess.

No-one's going to argue with him though!


Velma the Velociraptor even has her own live show each afternoon - she's a very happy dinosaur!

 Plus, little explorers can learn more in the Dinosaur Outpost.

 And study interesting artefacts!

 We saw animatronic dinosaurs at Twycross Zoo last year, so we already had some idea of what to expect.  However, The Pickle is a little older now and much more excited about them.  We also love how they are dotted around the zoo, rather than all in one space, as it's something for the children to keep looking out for as they're walking around and you're never quite sure where they will appear next!

 And each has it's own information board, which the little ones enjoyed reading.

And they loved being able to see how this Deinonychus robot worked.

Having an interactive dinosaur is a definite winner!

Rise of the Dinosaurs is open from 23rd May - 2nd September 2014 and is included in the general admission price to the zoo, which is also home to over 170 exotic and endangered species.  But please remember not to feed the dinosaurs!!
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