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Butlins Here We Come!

Why we're so excited!

The Princess (8), in her own words...

Not long until we're off to Butlins now - it looks awesome!  I looked on the website and the hotel rooms look amazing, with bunk beds and a balcony.  I'm very excited about sleeping on the top bunk!  I've only stayed in a hotel once before, just for one night, so this is our first proper holiday!

I think we'll go to the new ice cream shop first - I love ice cream, especially strawberry flavour!

I'm also looking forward to the swimming pool, it looks really fun.  I hope the sun shines so we can go to the beach too.  But we'll probably still go even if it rains!

I bet we're going to have lots of fun, Butlins looks like a fab place to stay with all these wonderful things!

The Pickle (3), his words (with a little help from Mummy)...

We're going to BUTTERLINS!!!!!!

I want to go in that certainly giant-normous swimming pool first.

And I'm going to see Titan the robot - he's really funny, I've seen him before (at Lollibop) and he squirted water at me, I was soaking wet!

And I want to go on the bouncany!  (Even if I don't quite know what a balcony is yet...)

And the ice cream shop, I'm having sprinkles (possibly with some ice cream too)

And we are going swimming in the sea (Are we...?!)

Butterlins looks awesome!

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