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Purrfect Pets


We have two cats called Dusty and Socks
They’re funny and cute and we love them lots.
Why don’t I tell you a tale or two
Of Socksy cat and Dustyboo…

Socks is a black cat, with white legs and chin
He looks a bit like Felix – the one on the tin!
Dusty is a ball of fluff, so brushing is a must
Once she got stuck behind a cupboard and came out covered in dust!

I thought cats were supposed to be good at balancing
But Dusty finds it a little too challenging.
Up onto the windowsill she’ll jump
Then swiftly fall down with a bit of a bump.

She has the bushiest tail you’ll ever see
And a mane like a lion – seriously!
Mum and Dad call her a ‘Mogwai’
If you heard her meow you’d soon see why.

Socks is my buddy, he follows me to school
And also to the park, which is pretty cool.
He loves to be cuddled and purrs when we stroke him
Even when he’s only just awoken.

What Socksy loves most is a dish full of food
He doesn’t let Dusty near, which is a little bit rude.
They do have a dish each, one pink and one blue,
But Socks thinks both are his and Dusty can get in the queue!

They do have their moments and chase each other
But at the end of the day they are sister and brother.
They curl up together and go to sleep
But with one eye open sometimes they peep.

They meow all night, they meow all day,
They chase the beautiful birds away.
They can be naughty, but we love them lots
Our two lovely cats, Dusty and Socks.

 A poem by The Princess, with help from Mummy!
This post is an entry into the Tots100/Swell UK competition.
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