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Rapidough - Review and Giveaway


Rapidough (RRP £24.99) is a modelling 'charades' game from Drumond Park.  The contents include 2 modelling mats, 2 tubs of coloured dough, modelling tools, dough pluggers and a set of cards.  Each card has the name of an everyday object which the player has to try to mold from their dough.  The other players have to try and guess what the object is and the winning team in each round gets to take some of their opponents dough, making it more and more difficult to sculpt their objects!

Even though the recommended age is 8+, we all enjoy playing this together as a family.  We do have to adapt the game slightly for The Pickle (who has just turned 3) as he loves making whatever shapes he feels like, as well as mixing the colours together when we're not looking!  The Princess (8) finds the rules easy to understand and really enjoys the game - especially when she's winning! 

Everyone seems to enjoy the satisfaction of taking a piece of the other team's dough, as it really does make it more difficult (and more fun) to sculpt shapes when most of the dough has been taken!

Overall, Rapidough is a game we have all enjoyed playing, it's easy to understand and lots of fun.

I also have one copy of the game to give away - please enter via the Rafflecopter form below and tell me which masterpiece you think is best - The Princess' drum, Daddy's flip flop, or Mummy's crab! 

For more information visit www.drumondpark.com or visit them on Facebook or Twitter.
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We received one copy of the game free of charge for the purpose of this review. 

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