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Pirate Pyjamas from Their Nibs London - Review


How adorable does The Pickle look in these Pirate print pyjamas?!

The 2 piece set is from Their Nibs, London - a vintage inspired children's fashion brand.  

The pyjamas are lightweight and 100% cotton, so they would be ideal for Spring and Summer, or even the winter months with a vest underneath.  The bottoms have an elasticated waist and the top has buttons down the front, with 2 pockets.  The pyjamas are beautifully adorned with pirate themed illustrations, including the jolly roger flag, pretty polly, an anchor, treasure chest and pirate ship.

The Pickle loved looking at all the pictures when he first saw them (he is quite 'into' pirates at the moment) and kept saying "Arrrrgh" and pretending to be a pirate in his pirate ship bed!

He obviously found the pyjamas very comfortable and was happily jumping and rolling around in them for quite some time!  Eventually he wore himself out and cuddled up with his teddies to go to sleep.

The Pickle has just turned 3 and the pyjamas are size 3-4 years.  They fit nicely but there is plenty of room to grow.  They have been through the wash a couple of times now and still look and feel as they did when they first arrived.    

The Pickle is very pleased with his new pyjamas!

We received the pyjama set free of charge for the purpose of the review, all opinions are my own.


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