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Kids Capture the Colour!



 Travel Supermarket and Venture Photography have launched a 'Kids Capture The Colour' competition, for children to get creative with a camera.  This was exactly The Princess' cup of tea and she couldn't wait to get snapping away!

The photos were all taken on a compact camera and although it's not an all singing, all dancing one, it does take very clear macro shots, especially outdoors.  Which is great for The Princess, as that's exactly where she likes to be!

The photos were taken through the summer and a few were taken more recently.  Lots of photos were taken, some too blurry, some with fingers over the lens, some too far away and some too close up, but some were really beautiful.  Just when she thought she had all the colours, a better photo opportunity would come along, but I think the ones she has decided to put forward for the competition are stunning.  I'm very impressed, proud... and also a little bit jealous as she's probably done a better job than I would have!

Over to The Princess to describe her photos...

"One of my favourite hobbies is photography.  The times I love it most are when I am taking photos of really interesting things in nature.  I like getting close up to get interesting and detailed pictures". 

(Click on the photos to see them full size)

Daddy Long Legs in the green leaves at Mottisfont Abbey in September.

Ladybird finds a friend!  Taken in our garden in August.

Fungi in the New Forest.  My little brother would not move from the background but actually I like it as you can see how small it is!  I also like the water drops on the grass.  Taken in October.

Beetle!  He was quite scary, especially close up, but has a beautiful blue shine to his back.  This was in the New Forest in October.

I took lots of photos of the flowers outside Winchester City Mill in August.  I like this because you can see all the tiny details and the shadows too.

This is The Princess' entry (aged 8) to the Travel Supermarket Kids Capture the Colour competition.

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