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A poem for the #ORALBLoveYourGums Challenge!


Look After Your Teeth!
A poem by The Princess.

This is the tale of a girl named Mary
Who wanted some money from the tooth fairy.

She would not eat healthy things at lunch
All she wanted was sweets that crunch.

"You must look after your teeth and gums!"
Said Mary's tired and fed up Mum.

But Mary did not listen at all
And one night, out a tooth did fall.

"One penny?!  Is that all?!"  Mary was sad.
She didn't get much for the tooth that was bad.

She crunched more sweets to make another fall out -
Soon she'd have no teeth left in her mouth!

But none of her teeth were nice and white
So she painted the one under her pillow that night.

The tooth fairy was having none of that
And painted all of Mary's teeth black!

Mary woke up with a terrible fright
When she looked in the mirror and saw such a sight.

Her Mum said "Eat and drink more dairy
If you'd like a treat from the tooth fairy...

Brush your teeth twice a day
To make the black paint go away...

Stop crunching sweets, use some Oral B,
Take care of your teeth and soon you'll see."

Mary listened and after a while
She had the most amazing smile!

The next tooth to fall was shiny and clean
And the tooth fairy was not so mean.

Mary was pleased with a fifty pence piece
And carried on looking after her teeth.

“This post is an entry for BritMums’ #ORALBLoveYourGums Challenge  sponsored by Oral-B, promoting healthy gums – something especially important for pregnant women. Get tips and advice on www.oralb-loveyourgums.com.”
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