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Mega Bloks First Builders toys - Review


As you can see, The Pickle was delighted when he received a bundle of Mega Bloks First Builder toys from The Entertainer toy shop.  We received a Big Building Bag, a Build n Learn Bag and a Sonny School Bus to put to the test!

He enjoys building and set to work straight away, block by block, making the tallest towers he could before knocking them down again.  With a bit of guidance he was able to make simple 3D animals, including a crocodile and giraffe (pictured above).

His favourite item from the set is definitely Sonny School Bus, although for some reason he seems to think it's an ice cream van!  It comes with a couple of extra blocks which fit inside as the roof opens up and is a really nice chunky design for toddlers. 

The Pickle:  "All the rubbish can go in there" (putting the blocks inside the bus)

Mummy:  "Oh, I see, is it a rubbish truck?"

The Pickle: "No Mummy, it's a good truck!"      

The Build n Learn Bag (which contains 30 blocks) can be used alongside the Big Building Bag (60 blocks), or separately.  The number and symbol stickers are included on a sheet and are very easy and quick to apply to the blocks (even with a little one 'helping' you!) However, it would be nice if the numbers were printed on to the blocks so they were ready to play with as soon as you open the bag and also stickers may get a bit tatty around the edges over time. 

The blocks are great for helping preschool children with number recognition, counting and matching and we have been able to do some simple maths while building.

The Pickle has had lots of fun playing with the Mega Bloks products over the last couple of weeks.  The other day he turned one of his 'creations' upside down, added a few more blocks and declared "Ta - daa!  It's a pirate ship!"  He added his pirate figures and was amused for hours!

We received a Mega Bloks Big Building Bag, a Build n Learn Bag and a Sonny School Bus from The Entertainer for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.
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