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I'm a Chicken, Get Me Out Of Here! - Anna Wilson (Review)


'I'm a Chicken, Get Me Out Of Here!' (written by Anna Wilson and published by Macmillan) is a fun story about Titch the chicken who joins Wilf's family by mistake (his Mum ordered her instead of the chicken breasts that she'd meant to buy!)

This was a great Summer holiday read for my daughter and she thoroughly enjoyed it.  She picked up the book at every opportunity and would read indoors, in the garden, in the tent, everywhere!  She would often giggle to herself as she was reading, or say "Mum, listen to this bit...!" and read it out loud - I can honestly say I don't think I've ever seen her get so excited about a reading book and it was lovely to see.

As she enjoyed it so much I'll pass this review over to her...

"The family gets a new chicken and she is called Titch.  She has been trying all her life to escape and do something marvelous.  I liked the part where she wins a prize in a show.  There were lots of funny parts and I liked all of the characters.  I would recommend it to my friends aged about 7-11 years, there are a few tricky words but I loved the book, it was great."

We were sent a free copy of the book for the purpose of this review. 
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