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The Princess and The Pickle at Lollibop!


Last weekend we headed to Lollibop at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  From CBeebies stars to street performers, face painters and freebies, toys to play with and music to dance to - there was plenty to entertain the little ones.

The Princess enjoyed having her face painted and sampling all the goodies, such as Haribo sweets, Barny bear cakes and Chobani yogurts, while The Pickle had great fun in the Duplo tent, bouncing on Happy Hopperz, playing with Wow Toys and in the  Little Tikes area (I didn't know they made Cosy Coupes in 'grown up' size!)

One of the highlights for us was Titan the Robot - one to keep both the kids and the grown ups amused!  The Pickle didn't seem keen at the time but later decided this was his favourite act and 4 days later is still telling everyone he sees, "Titan robot was funny and he squirted me with water!"

We also enjoyed strolling down the Lolli Promenade and into The Meadows, which was generally much quieter and laid back than the rest of the event.  We were pleased to see the return of the Ready Sheddy DisGo, where The Princess had won a pillow fight against Daddy the previous year.

The only downside was that there were lots of crowds and lots of queues.  The good thing is that The Princess and The Pickle didn't complain about anything, such as not being able to see Justin or design their own T-shirts and they were happy just to wonder around and do as much as we could manage.

They loved Lollibop and it's certainly a day they'll be talking about for a while!

(I won a family pass to Lollibop and these are my own opinions)

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