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Our Mad Hatter's Tea Party Picnic!

The Princess and The Pickle were looking forward to the picnic we had planned, but unfortunately picnics and rain tend not to go together all that well and no-one likes soggy sandwiches!  So we decided not to let the rain spoil our fun too much and had an indoor picnic - with a Mad Hatter's Tea Party theme!

We spent the morning baking all sorts of delicious things - cheese and chive muffins, pitta bread pizzas, cheesy biscuits, blueberry muffins, cookie pops, honey and cinnamon cupcakes.  We also made ham and salad wraps, salmon sandwiches and jam sandwiches, tomato and olive pasta, plus cucumber, celery, melon and grapes on cocktail sticks.  We even filled ice cream cones with cereal and dried fruit and had fresh orange juice in a teapot!

We had a feast and there was plenty left over for the following day too.  It was fun but fingers crossed the sun will be shining next time we plan to go for a picnic!

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