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Our rainy day at Dinton Pastures Country Park


The weather was supposed to be glorious last weekend (well, compared to the rest of 'Spring' so far), lovely for the swans and ducks maybe!  But despite the rain pouring down, we headed to Dinton Pastures Country Park near Reading, to meet up with friends.  This photo, which was my Silent Sunday/Photo of the Week pretty much sums up our day:

However, the rain will never spoil our fun and as you can see The Princess and The Pickle do enjoy splashing in the puddles (sometimes they enjoy it a little bit too much!)


After an hour or so of 'extreme puddling' (if this was an Olympic sport my kids would be in with a very good chance of winning) we all dried off and warmed up with a hot chocolate and piece of cake.  Then somehow we were talked into venturing outside again to the playground.  No wonder The Pickle slept the whole way home!



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