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Review - Villa Carton colour-in Pirate costume!


Last weekend The Princess and The Pickle spent a rainy afternoon colouring in.  This time they weren't colouring on paper (and thankfully not on the walls either), but on a Pirate costume which we were sent from Villa Carton

They create and sell a whole range of products to colour in, from costumes to play houses.  The Pickle is really into pirates at the moment, so he loves this costume, but The Princess gave him a bit of help colouring it in (and I'm sure she'll get a chance to wear it too!)
The costume came with 4 chunky felt tip pens (colours shown above by The Pickle!) and they both enjoyed decorating the costume together.  The colours are nice and bright so however you choose to decorate the costume it will never be dull!  There is lots of detail on the costume so the colouring kept them entertained for hours.  

The Pickle didn't want me to take a photo of him wearing the costume, although he does love it and is very proud of the fact he helped to colour it in!  Luckily the tabard style with ties at the sides means it can fit most children from approx 3-8 years, so The Princess was happy to model this for me!

I'm sure The Pickle will have lots of fun dressing up in this over the next couple of years.  I think this is a lovely creative product and is well made so should be able to withstand a fair bit of battling sea monsters and searching for buried treasure!

We received the product free of charge for the review, opinions are my own.


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