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Review and Giveaway - HelloCanvas - Olly Murs tour photo canvas!


I love taking photos and I particularly love black and white photos on canvas, but I rarely get around to having them printed!  So when HelloCanvas offered to send a canvas to review I jumped at the chance!

As I'd taken The Princess to an Olly Murs concert a few days earlier, I asked if HelloCanvas could print one of the photos I'd taken there.  I sent 2 different images and asked which would be best for printing.  I received a very quick response advising that either of the images would be fine, so I opted for my first choice which was a collage I'd created.

This is the image I sent and the actual canvas is shown above.  I wasn't sure how clear the images on the canvas would be as the size of the finished canvas is 20x28 inches, but I was impressed with how well it came out!  The larger photo isn't quite as clear as the other 3, but that is due to the quality of my photo, not the quality of the print.

I was also very impressed how quickly the canvas arrived.  The order was processed immediately after I'd chosen which image to use and I received an email that same afternoon to say it had been dispatched!  It arrived in a sturdy cardboard box and was wrapped in bubble wrap so was in perfect condition. 

The Princess thinks this is amazing (her actual words were "Wow, that is AWESOME!"), so I think I'll be placing another order with them in the near future, but this one we are giving away to one lucky person who supports The Princess' Red Nose Day Dance Challenge!  More details here.

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