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Our Egg-stravagant Easter Crafts!


The Pickle enjoyed making this handprint Easter picture complete with giant Easter egg, pig, sheep and duck (yes, that is in fact a duck!), which now takes pride of place on our fridge.

He loved sticking the cotton wool on and managed to keep most of it out of his hair!

He was very proud of his Easter bunny and gave him lots of cuddles (if only he'd waited for the glue to dry...)

He also decided he'd like to make an Easter caterpillar.  Why not?!  This was a great excuse to get the glitter out, much to Daddy's distaste!  The paint palette came in very handy as an egg holder.


 Meanwhile, The Princess was busy making a Mad Hatter's Egg Party!  She used the empty egg carton to make the table and seats.

She used slightly less glitter and paint in favour of pencil and coloured pens.

She also made a crew of Pirates and one very hungry shark!

Oh, and not forgetting poor Humpty...

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