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Olly Murs at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena 2/3/13


Written by my daughter, aged 7.

For my Christmas present, Mummy bought me some OLLY MURS tickets!  The concert was in Sheffield so we all went up to stay with Nannie and Grandad for the weekend.

Nannie painted my nails purple and wrote OLLY MURS in silver glitter, except the M smudged so it looked like OLLY URS!  I wore my top, shorts and tights which I wore for the school disco, with my special necklace Nannie had bought for my 7th birthday.  We drove to the concert in Sheffield.

First, Loveable Rogues got the audience singing and dancing.  One half of the audience had to sing one part of the chorus and the other side had to sing another line. They were brilliant and looked like they were having lots of fun jumping around on the stage.  I think they were all good but Eddie was the best!

Also, Tich sang a few songs and played the piano.  She was a very good singer and was wearing a pretty outfit, I liked her sparkly silver skirt!


Before Olly came on, there were some videos on the big screens and an advert for some shoes with big platforms which me and Mummy kept saying I should have bought so I could be a little bit taller.  I was at the front and could just see over the barrier but Olly probably couldn’t see me!  The people in yellow t-shirts who worked at the arena were very friendly and helpful.  Just before Olly came on everybody stood up and danced to Gangnam Style which was really funny!


Olly sang lots of songs including Army of Two, Troublemaker, Please Don’t Let Me Go, Dear Darlin, Heart Skips A Beat (which is Mummy’s favourite!), but my favourite was Dance With Me Tonight.


He talked between the songs and was quite cheeky and funny.  Olly and his musicians were stunning!  They were all in time with each other.  He also went on a bridge quite far out so all the audience could see him really well.  He looked very handsome and smart, I liked his white shirt and waistcoat.


At the very end, lots of tiny rectangles of silver and black paper came down and I filled up my bag with them to take home!  Mummy also bought me a programme to take home.  Even my little brother likes looking at the programme and counting the pictures, he says “One Olly Murs, Two Olly Murs, Three Olly Murs!”


When we got back to Nannie and Grandad’s house it was very late so me and Mummy had a midnight feast and a cup of tea while we looked at the photos we had taken, then to bed it was.

It was the best concert ever.  Olly, Loveable Rogues and Tich were all really good and I’d love to see them all again, but of course my favourite was Olly.

I want to say THANK YOU OLLY MURS for a fantastic concert!

Now I can even say I've had a photo taken with Olly Murs!

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