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Review - Twisted Tales books by Calvin Innes


My Little Big Town sent us a series of 3 Tiny Twisted Tales books, written and illustrated by Calvin Innes, to review.

Surprisingly, the first book The Princess picked up from the selection was Stuart the Bug Eating Man.  I really thought this would be her least favourite due to the tale of wriggly creepy crawlies, but she actually really enjoyed reading it!  Here’s what she thought:

“Stuart was a funny character because he eats bugs.  I liked the bit at the end where he becomes famous and he becomes a bug control man.  I think other people would like this book too.”

The second book is called Pale Henry.  Here are The Princess’ thoughts on this story:

“It was funny in some places, like when he was in the loft when he was 3 but looked the same as now, with the same glasses.  My favourite part was when he went outside for the first time because it was one of the nicest parts of the story. “

The final book was Jenny and here is what The Princess thought:

“The story was about a girl and a werewolf.  I like Jenny because she is very brave.  The werewolf gets stuck in the catflap which is really funny and I think other children would like this book.”

All three books are written in rhyme, with just one short verse and an illustration on each page, which breaks up the story nicely.  They are very different to the usual books The Princess reads (mostly stereotypical girly ones about fairies and fluffy kittens!), but she really enjoyed these.  She chose to read them herself, but they’d also make great stories to read out loud, due to the flowing, rhythmic nature of them.

Jenny was my personal favourite and would have been the sort of story I’d have enjoyed when I was little.  I think it’s important for children to enjoy reading (not just the ones they have to read at school) and books like these do seem to make it more exciting and entertaining.  The Princess looks forward to reading the next books in this series being released soon - Lucy Fitch, Frankie Steinberg and Marlon the Ogre!
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