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Review - Triqo 3D construction toy


The Princess and The Pickle household has been full of coldy germs this half term, so unfortunately we haven't been up to much.  Luckily, Triqo came to the rescue and sent us this fun new construction toy just in time for a week of indoor play!

Triqo consists of brightly coloured 2D triangles and squares.  These can be clipped together to create all kinds of 3D shapes.  The box we received contained 60 triangles and 40 squares which is an ideal starter kit.

We started off by building simple 3D shapes like the one above, before trying a few more complicated objects, such as a dog and a rocket.  The Princess soon got the hang of connecting the shapes, although she did find them quite stiff to clip together and even I struggled at times.  However, this means they stay together well and don't fall apart until you unclip them.  The Pickle enjoyed playing with the shapes and 'helping' to put them together but at 2 years old he was of course more interested in the finished objects.  I think he'll enjoy it just as much as The Princess when he's a few years older, but in the meantime it's great for helping him learn shapes and colours.


We even made a crib for The Pickle's Doggy, as he was poorly too! 
It's amazing what you can do with a box of plastic shapes and a bit of imagination! 

With Daddy's help we managed to use up all of the pieces to make a pirate ship, which The Pickle absolutely loves!  We might have to buy some more Triqo if we want to build anything else as I don't think he'll be letting anyone take this to pieces for a while!  

For more information on Triqo visit http://www.arkdiyproducts.com/triqo

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