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Review - Magic Moves Electronic Wand

Last week we were sent a Magic Moves Electronic Wand to review, from Learning Resources.  The Pickle was very intrigued by this and couldn't wait to take it out of the box!

I noticed it already had batteries included, which is always a good start!  The Pickle was fascinated by the bright lights which flash and change colour with the music.  He also enjoyed pressing the buttons, not really knowing what he was meant to do at first but just enjoying playing with the new toy.  The Magic Moves wand is suitable from 3 years and as he's only 2 he needed some guidance with how the game worked - that meant Mummy had to play too and it wasn't long before we were both "Running like deer!" around the living room!

The Magic Moves wand has 90 different commands, including "Stomp like a dinosaur", "Grow like a flower" and "Hop like a kangaroo".  There are also 26 different tunes to accompany the actions, so you don't have to listen to the same ones over and over again (unless you enjoy pressing the repeat button like The Pickle does!)

When The Princess arrived home from school, she couldn't wait to join in and was soon "Prowling like a leopard" too.  At 7, she is at the top end of the recommended age range, but she loved this just as much as The Pickle did.  

Overall, we all thought this was a great toy which entertains the children and also helps them to use their imaginations while being active, jumping, running, spinning and crawling around.  It certainly tired The Pickle out!

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