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Review - Gingerbread Toy Bag from Win Green


At this time of year storage can be a bit of a struggle, with all the new toys from Christmas to add to the existing mountain!  Luckily, Win Green came to our rescue with their lovely Gingerbread Toy Bag.

It’s very pink and girly (which immediately made it a big hit with The Princess) but I also love the multi coloured dots embroidered all over it.  It goes well with the rest of The Princess’ bedroom  but it’s also something I’d be happy to have in the living room as it looks much nicer than a plastic toy box and is easier to lift and move around as it has carry handles.

At 40x40cm it’s a really good size and holds a fair amount of toys.  It could also be used as a dressing up box and would hold plenty of fairy dresses, wings, wands and tiaras!  In the summer it could be a hamper for a teddy bears picnic in the garden (it's machine washable too!) We're actually thinking of using it as a book basket and creating a reading corner for The Princess and The Pickle.

The Gingerbread Toy Bag is one of a whole range of beautiful accessories to match the Gingerbread Cottage playhouse, which is appliqued and hand embroidered with cupcakes, gingerbread men and lollipops - gorgeously girly!  There are also more 'boyish' and neutral designs, including a Boat House, which I think The Pickle would love.

The Gingerbread Toy Bag is £40 from www.wingreen.co.uk

Win Green kindly sent a Gingerbread Toy Bag to review, all opinions are my own.

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