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Review - Goldbug 2 in 1 Harness Buddy from Hello Baby


Hello Baby asked if we’d like to review a Goldbug 2 in 1 Harness Buddy from their website.  The Pickle and I looked through the page of characters and he decided he’d like the “Rarrrrgh Rarrrrgh!” (lion) design! It is described on the website as "a fun way to keep your child safe when you go out" and is suitable from age 18 months. 

The Pickle was more willing to put this on than he has been with any other type of reins, due to the cute character design.  When it was on him it looked comfortable and secure.  The straps are nicely padded and it is soft and lightweight.  The parent handle is also very soft and comfortable to hold.  He’s not generally a fan of holding hands and likes to walk by himself, but not always in the direction we want him to!  So I thought this might be a good way of ‘keeping hold’ of him without him feeling too restricted.

We used the reins on a day out to the zoo.  They were useful for walking through the car park, although I would normally make sure he held my hand there anyway.   After a little while he kept turning his head and pulling on the reins, saying “off”.  There is a convenient pocket on the backpack which I tucked the reins into and he was happy to keep the backpack on, so I could still use them if I needed to.  There is also a clip to detach the reins so you can just use it as a backpack, which is ideal if they want to have a run around or play on the park and you don’t want to take the whole thing off just to put it back on again when it’s time to leave. 

The harness buddy did get splashed a bit while The Pickle was enjoying those muddy puddles, but it is machine washable (very handy!) and came out of the washing machine looking almost as good as new!

Although The Pickle wasn’t a fan of us holding onto the reins, he didn’t mind wearing it as a backpack.  The pocket is also ideal for carrying a snack or small toy in.  I think it would be even better if you were able to detach the lion from the harness so it could be used as a cuddly toy when the child outgrows the reins, as he loves giving Mr Lion a cuddle!  The Harness Buddy is available in 10 different designs at Hello Baby.

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