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Review - Choc Chicos Cheeky Chocolate Kits for Kids!


Choc Chick kindly donated a prize to our Pudsey's Adventures colouring competition and they also sent us one of their 'Choc Chicos Cheeky Chocolate Kits for Kids' to try out for ourselves!  As you can see, The Princess and The Pickle couldn't wait to get their hands on this!

The kit contains everything you need to make the chocolates and the ingredients are organic and natural with no additives, refined sugars or dairy products.  You can also add your own ingredients if you wish, such as cereal or raisins.  There are even a few cocoa beans and an information booklet included, which The Princess enjoyed reading and finding out where the beans come from and how they are made into chocolate.

The first step was to melt the cocoa butter over a low heat.  We then added some of the cocoa powder and sweetener (which is made from 100% fruit).  The packs are resealable so you can save the rest of the cocoa powder for another time (although we decided to make hot chocolate with it!)  When we took the mixture off the heat, The Princess helped to whisk it together while The Pickle helped to sprinkle rice krispies into a few of the cases.  

We then spooned the mixture into the cases and popped them in the freezer for 20 minutes.  Here are the results…


The instructions suggest making the chocolates look more special by using a silicone ice cube tray with shapes such as hearts.  We had a train mould tucked away in the cupboard so we made one of these for The Pickle!


I made hot chocolate with the rest of the cocoa powder (plus a pinch of cinnamon) and grated one of the chocolates on top! 


The Princess enjoyed a couple of chocolates but she preferred the hot chocolate as it was slightly sweeter, while The Pickle absolutely loved the chocs and couldn’t get enough of them!  He did end up very messy though, especially after he decided to ‘drive’ his train across the table!  I wasn't sure if the rice krispies would go a bit soggy in the freezer but they stayed really crunchy and added a nice texture to the chocolates.

Overall the Choc kit provided us with a really fun activity for a rainy Saturday afternoon and the chocolates were delicious.  I'd definitely buy more of these kits and next time we might try adding some orange essence to the chocolates! The kits would also make lovely gifts.  For more information visit www.chocchick.com
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