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Review - Baker Days Personalised Letterbox Cakes for Valentines Day


The Princess and The Pickle don’t have cake very often.  Pudding is usually yogurt and fruit, especially on week days, so it was a real treat having a very special cake one evening for no reason!  Well, no reason other than Baker Days had offered to send us one of their Letterbox cakes to review…

They have plenty of designs to choose from, all of which can be personalised.  I chose the ‘Loving Arms’ design as I thought The Princess and The Pickle would like the cute teddy.  The great thing about their website is that you can preview what the personalised text will look like on the cake to make sure you're happy with it.  I chose to have “The Princess and The Pickle” printed onto our cake.

The cake was sent in a tin, inside a sturdy box which is designed to fit through a letterbox.  Due to the packaging there isn’t a huge amount of space left for the actual cake, which is around an inch thick.  However, the whole idea is that this is a Letterbox cake and is designed to be a special gift for one or two people.  

As you can see from the photo of the cake, it did look very cute, but the image was not quite as sharp on the actual cake as it was on the computer screen and there is a little ‘I love you’ on the heart which cannot be seen unless you look very closely.  This is to be expected to an extent, as I’m sure it’s not easy to get crystal clear images when printing onto icing, but it’s something to bear in mind when choosing a design.


The website states this cake provides approx 4-5 servings.  We found it was just right for the four of us, but disappeared very quickly!  The Pickle had the same sized slice as the rest of us and was the first to finish, so it definitely passed the 'fussy toddler' test!

The rest of us enjoyed it too.  The cake was spongy and tasted fresh, I could easily have devoured another slice if there were more!  The little pack of Love Hearts was a nice bonus.  

Overall I did think £14.99 (plus an extra £2 if you opt for the chocolate chip) was quite expensive for a cake with only 4-5 portions.  However, it would make a very nice gift, which is personalised and delivered.  It's something you wouldn't expect to receive through the post and would definitely brighten up someone's day, much nicer than just a card and more original than flowers.  For £14.99+, the cake would have to taste delicious… and the good news is this one certainly did!

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