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Indoor adventures in the snow!


As it was raining today and the snow will soon be gone, I thought it would be fun to bring a tray of snow inside for The Pickle to play with.  I filled up a few paint pots with water and bright food colouring for him to paint the snow with.

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I'd also frozen some of the coloured water in silicon cupcake moulds, so we added these to the tray of snow.  The Pickle soon decided he'd done enough painting and poured the remaining food colouring in too!


The snow was starting to look very colourful and The Pickle added some sparkly gems.

After adding lots more gems The Pickle decided it was treasure (he's very much into Pirates at the moment!)

We left the tray next to the radiator and kept going back to check what was happening as the snow melted.

The Pickle was fascinated and now knows what happens to the snow when it gets warm.  Most of the gems sunk to the bottom of the water and he had lots of fun searching for the 'buried treasure'!  He could also see our reflections in the water which he found funny.  He really enjoyed this activity and I quite liked it too, all the fun of the snow but indoors with a warm cup of tea!



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