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Upcycled baubles - fun Christmas craft for young children!


The Pickle and I have made some sparkly, textured Christmas baubles.  This is a fun craft which even toddlers can have a go at and it's great for reusing old baubles which are scratched/faded, or if you just don't like the look of them anymore! 

I found a selection of old baubles and we covered them in PVA glue, placed small squares of brown parcel paper all over them, then added another coat of glue on top.

You could use any type of scrap paper, or even tissue paper.  Once the paper was covered in glue, we rolled each bauble in a bowl of glitter and tiny bits of red, green and white scrap card.  You could also add small foil stars or sequins into the glitter mixture.

The Pickle also enjoyed sprinkling the glitter on with his hands!

As soon as the baubles were covered in the glitter mixture we hung them straight onto the tree to dry (making sure they didn't touch any branches or other baubles while the glue was still sticky).

 We even decorated our old star to match the baubles!

When the baubles dried, we rearranged them on the tree along with our salt dough decorations and I think it looks very pretty!

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