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The Princess and The Pickle on Safari at Woburn!


Sunday was a cold and frosty day but the sun was shining, so we wrapped up warm and headed off on the almost 2 hour journey to Woburn Safari Park.

When we arrived we decided to do the road safari first, as the great thing is you can go around as many times as you like within the day, so if you miss something the first time round there’s always a chance you’ll spot it next time.

We saw many animals including Rhino, Giraffe, Buffalo and Zebras before entering the world of the carnivores.  Here there were Amur Tigers, Canadian Timber Wolves, American Black Bears and African Lions.  Unfortunately we didn’t spot any tigers, we saw two wolves from a distance and the very top of a bear’s back as he slept in his shelter.   

However, we did see plenty of lions roaming free in their reserve.  Some were walking along the road in front of the car, some to the side of us enjoying the sunshine and one was playfully rolling around on the grass.   

We also saw the new male lion who is being introduced to the pride.   

And of course, no visit to a safari park would be complete without a monkey or two climbing on the car!  The Pickle found this very funny and kept saying “Naughty Monkeys” and shaking his finger at them for leaving muddy footprints on the windows!

The road layout was done very well, it snaked around a lot so you could usually see the animals at some point from each side of the car, which is great if you have two little ones in the back.  

We’d packed a few sandwiches so we had a bite to eat before wondering around the foot safari.   

We watched the indoor Sealion show followed by a 3D film called Deepo’s Ocean Adventures.  This cost an extra £2 per person which I didn't think was too bad.  The talk by the keepers was very informative and the Sealions were very clever and showed the audience how they are trained and how the keepers do their health checks .  The film was great for the kids and it didn’t last for too long so it held their attention well. 

Next we walked through Monkey Business and the Australian Walkabout amongst the Wallaby’s and Greater Rhea (as you can see The Princess and The Pickle were far too interested in the animals to stop and pose for a photo!), before heading over to the new Elephant Meadow to listen to the talk and find out more about The Pickle’s favourite animal.  

As it was a fairly quiet day and not many people had braved the cold for the talk, we were able to stand right up to the barrier and stroke the elephant as she walked past us – it was amazing to be able to do this and The Princess is excited about telling all her friends tomorrow at school that she stroked an elephant!

We had planned to finish with a visit to the Mammoth Play Ark (indoor soft play area) but the excitement was a bit much for The Pickle (who was rubbing his eyes by this point) so we decided to do one more loop of the road safari before heading home.   Unfortunately we missed the penguins and lemurs, but we did get to see the wolves a little closer the second time around.   

We almost missed this fella lurking in the bushes, until The Princess pointed him out!  The Pickle was already fast asleep and the lions were all cuddling up for a nap too!

Overall we really enjoyed our day at Woburn.  We hope to visit again next summer when everything is open, such as the Tiny Tots outdoor play area (with bouncy castle) and the swan boat ride (which was completely frozen today!) and hopefully we’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the tigers next time too.   

I was given a complimentary family pass to review this attraction as part of MoneySupermarket.com's Britain's Best Days Out campaign.  They have a great range of vouchers for family days out.

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