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Review - Answer Buzzers by Learning Resources


Answer Buzzers are a set of 4 brightly coloured push button buzzers and each one makes a different fun sound. 

The difference with this set is that it’s not just a game, more a resource for schools to help liven up classrooms and to get away from tedious question and answer sessions.  But, that isn’t their only use.  So far, The Princess has used them for playing ‘Snap’, so instead of shouting she hits one of the buttons.  Also her times tables and spellings practise – when she writes the answer down she presses the buzzer to show that she is ready for the next one!

The Pickle loves the different sounds they make and just pressing them over and over again keeps him amused for ages (although the sounds do get slightly irritating after half an hour of constant ‘ding dongs’ and ‘honk honks’!)

The buzzers are about the size of the palm of your hand, and so far, despite The Pickle pounding them with his hand, hitting them together, dropping them on the floor, sitting on them and so on… they seem very robust.

As well as being entertaining, they also helped The Pickle learn the different colours.  We play a game where I say the colour and he presses the correct buzzer.  He loves doing this, especially when I say the next colour really quickly and we both try and be the first to press the right one!

The only downside to this product is that the whole set requires 8 batteries, so if you don’t use rechargeable ones it could be quite costly.

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