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Cute Snowman Costume - Review


The Pickle has enjoyed reading about snowmen in his Christmas books over the last few weeks, he’s watched The Snowman DVD and he’s driven his toy cars through a tray of fake snow!  So, he was very excited when Joker’s Masquerade sent a Cute Snowman Costume for us to review!

The costume consists of a white all in one suit with big black buttons and yellow snowflakes on the front, plus a stripy scarf and a black hat with a holly trim.  The toddler size is recommended for age 1-2 years but was fine for The Pickle (who is 2) as he only has little legs and the next size up (3-5 years) would have been way too big!  In fact, the costume was fairly generous and allowed for a layer of clothing underneath, which is very useful at this time of year!

The Pickle enjoyed dressing up as a “Noman” (as he kept saying!) and although he wasn’t a fan of the hat (that didn’t stay on for long unfortunately), he kept the suit on for the afternoon and even helped to decorate (and attempt to un-decorate) the Christmas tree while wearing it!

The fabric is quite thin, but the overall quality of the costume is good.  I’m not sure if it will survive too many Christmases  but I would imagine The Pickle will have grown out of it by next year anyway, and for £8.99 I do think it’s very good value.   The only downside was the fastening on the back – there is a split from the back of the neck to half way down the back, which fastens at the top with a small piece of Velcro.  A longer piece of Velcro would be ideal, as there is a bit of an open gap at the back which doesn’t look great.  

Overall, I think the costume looks very sweet, it is easy to put on (even over a layer of clothing) and The Pickle enjoyed wearing it and being a snowman… hopefully he’ll soon grow to love the hat too! 

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