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Pudsey's Adventures - Winners Update!


The Princess and I have spent the best part of this afternoon looking through all the wonderful Pudsey’s Adventures entries and allocating prizes.  We were both very impressed with everyone’s art work!  The good great news is there is a little bundle of goodies for everyone who entered and the even better news is there are still a few small prizes left over, so The Princess can start work on her next competition idea and hopefully raise some more money for Children In Need!

When we have finalised the prize allocation list for Pudsey’s Adventures, all the winners will be notified and then announced here.  Please note it will take a few weeks to organise all prizes to be sent out (some are coming directly from the companies who donated them and some are being posted by myself) so please bear with us!

More details of The Princess’ next project are coming soon but in the meantime she has designed another colouring sheet  - she would like you to help Pudsey decorate his Christmas tree!   This one is just for fun, but if you’d like to make a donation to Children In Need via our JustGiving page that would be great!  Send them in if you like (email address below) and we’ll make a gallery here and on Facebook for everyone to see (and I’m sure we can find a little prize for the best one at the end of December!)

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