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Homemade Halloween - A Crazy Clown!

The Princess had lots of fun putting together her Crazy Clown costume this Halloween!

The tutu is handmade and she was able to make this herself with minimal help.  She actually made this for a Children In Need costume, but decided it would also make a great clown costume with a few added accessories.

I bought 2 metres of white net and 2 metres of yellow on ebay, which in total cost just under £5.  The Princess used stencils and fabric pens to draw colourful spots all over the white net.  She then cut both the white and yellow net into strips and tied them around a band of elastic which we had measured to fit snugly around her waist.  We used almost the whole 4 metres of net to make a really full tutu, so there was very little waste!

The plain white t-shirt was an old one that probably wont fit her by next Summer, so I didn't mind her using fabric pens on that too!  She drew around various things, such as a roll of selotape, to get a variety of different sized spots.

The braces, gloves and bow tie were all reused from a Roger Rabbit costume we'd put together for my husband for a previous Halloween!  They were all a bit big for The Princess but I think this added to the look!

The finishing touch was face paint (we already had these so it didn't cost anything extra) and I also backcombed her hair slightly to make the look a little more 'crazy', although it had settled down by the time I took the photos... more hairspray needed in future!

The Princess was very pleased with her finished costume and I thought it looked fab!  I'd much rather make a costume than buy a ready made one as they work out much cheaper and you can be certain no-one else will have the same costume! 

This is an entry to the Moneysupermarket Homemade Halloween competition.

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