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Hama Puppet Theatre - Review


The Princess’ eyes lit up as soon as she saw what she had been sent to try out from DKL Toys….

...Hama Beads!

She loves Hama Beads and they are by far the most organised thing in her bedroom, all kept neatly in colour coordinated pots!  But she had been running low on a few of the colours recently and also running low on inspiration for what to do with them next, so she was over the moon when she received the Puppet Theatre set.

Included in the set are pictures of each design to copy, enough Hama Beads to make each design, one board to make them on, the sticks and sticky pads to make the designs into puppets and a stage made from card.  The Princess found the designs fairly easy to follow, she went wrong a couple of times but it’s so easy just to remove the beads and correct the mistake while they are still on the board.

I asked her to write down what she thought about the set.  Usually if I ask her to do this she will write down a few lines and then run out of things to say.  This time she used up a whole sheet of A4 paper, which shows how interested she was!  So, here are a few of her thoughts:

“The instructions are good because we get to choose a picture and it shows us the back and the front and where to put the beads”

“I like the sticks to make it easier to hold the puppets”

“I’m glad there is a board because we can connect it to another to make a bigger board”

“I like how the clown has got a happy face and we turn him over and he’s got a sad face, so we can tell different stories”

“My favourite part is the stage because we can play with it but I didn’t really like cutting it out because it was tiring and hard to cut!”

“Everything we need is in the box apart from the scissors”

She made the first two puppets completely by herself (apart from the ironing bit) and even changed the skirt slightly on the Princess puppet.  She still has two of the designs left to make and also wants to try making some of her own puppet designs afterwards.  The puppets are quite time consuming but enjoyable and it’s not something she gets easily bored of.  

I’d definitely recommend this set if your child has already used a basic Hama Beads kit and wants to move on to something a bit more challenging.  It is currently available to buy from CraftMerrily at £13.95.

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