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Bundle of baby goodies! Auction for Children In Need.

*The Auction is now closed, congratulations to Sue who had the highest bid!*

As the youngest entrant in the Pudsey’s Adventures competition was over a year old, we still have a few prizes left over which weren’t suitable for anyone who entered (which is a shame as we’d have loved to see some hand-printed, finger-painted Pudseys by little ones with a bit of help from their mummies and daddies!)

So, I am going to hold a silent auction for a bundle of baby goodies, some donated by companies and some from myself.  The winning bid will be paid to BBC Children In Need via Just Giving.   

The auction includes:

Snoozi bouncer (donated by Cosatto)
3 in 1 One Touch Digital Thermometer (donated by Brother Max)
Robot design Grobag (donated by The Gro Company)
Eat & Play Smock (donated by BabyBjorn)
Sculpey Keepsake clay & frame set (donated by Hobbycraft)
Lilliputiens bath book (donated by John Crane Toys)
Set of 4 chunky books (donated by Priddy Books)
Stripy knitted rabbit (donated by The Black Rabbit)
Disney Winnie the Pooh soft toy
Nuby Tie n’ Toss nappy bag dispenser
Animals bath book
Brother Max bath toys
Haba wooden clutching toy

If you would like to place a bid, please send an email to:

With the subject “BABY” followed by the amount of your bid (in whole pounds), eg “BABY £20”, please also include your full name and address in the email incase you are the highest bidder.

The auction is open now and will close at 11.59pm on Saturday 17th November. *Now Closed*

The person with the highest bid when the auction closes will be contacted by email.  That person will have 7 days to pay the amount of their winning bid via our Just Giving page.  The items will be sent out after payment has been made and the winner’s first name and their bid amount will be announced on the blog.

If the winning bidder does not pay within 7 days, their bid will be cancelled and the second highest bidder will then be contacted.

Bidders must be aged 18 or over
Please include your full name and address in the email
UK addresses only please
I am not responsible for any emails that get lost, bounce, don't reach me for whatever reason
If there are 2 highest bids of the same value, whoever placed the bid first will win
Payment must be made via our Just Giving page
As the money goes directly to Children In Need, a refund will not be given under any circumstances 

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