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Pumpazing from Drumond Park

We've had lots of fun this week reviewing the new Pumpazing game from Drumond ParkThe Princess and The Pickle were very eager to play this as soon as it arrived.  I think the fun, brightly coloured packaging made it even more appealing to them and it will definately be one that stands out on the shelves this Christmas!

You can play the game with or without the Zingy cards and as The Pickle is only 2 we decided to stick with the simple version without the cards.  Each player pumps Zingy’s arms until one of the colourful Zingers pops out with a “Zing” or “Boing” sound.  But if Zingy shouts “Uh Oh” it means that player is out of the game.  (In the full version the player would lose a card and the last player with any cards left would be the winner).

We also made up our own speedy version of the game, where each player pumped the arms just 4 times and passed it to the next player, with the player that popped the Zinger being out of the game.  This stopped The Pickle from getting bored while he was waiting for his turn and also helped with his counting.  There aren't many games like this he can join in with at his age, but there is not much concentration or skill required with Pumpazing, as it is a game of pure chance.

It is a really fun game, but it does require lots of space to be able to play without anyone getting hit by one of the flying Zingers… and remember to remove anything breakable from the area!  We had to keep telling The Princess to hold Zingy up, instead of looking down at him, as I imagine the Zingers would hurt if someone got hit in the face.  It might have been a better idea to make the top of the Zingers from foam rather than hard plastic, but I suppose plastic will last longer and is less likely to get damaged.

It is the kind of game where the kids will be jumping around, trying to catch the Zingers and chasing after them to retrieve them.  The Princess and The Pickle were quite hyper while playing this and were practically bouncing off the walls for the rest of the evening!  That, combined with the arm pumping action, actually provides them with a fair bit of exercise, compared with a standard board game!

Overall, I think it is a great game for pre schoolers and above, both my 2 year old and 7 year old loved it.  The only complaint was when it was time for bed and we had to put the game away!   

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