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The Little Designers Back to School Challenge - George at Asda


The Summer holidays have gone by so quickly this year and this time next week The Princess will be going up into the Juniors!  

As part of their Little Designers back to school challenge, George at Asda sent The Princess a fun little project for the last week of the holidays.  This included a plain white backpack and a selection of fabric crayons, pens and paints.

The Princess wanted her backpack to look bright and colourful, so she used stencils to draw lots of different shapes and coloured them in with as many colours as possible!  She used the black pen to draw around the outlines of the shapes afterwards to make them stand out more and she also created a black polka dot trim around the edge of the bag and the top of the pocket.  Although she has a book bag for school, she is very keen to use this one for school trips or family days out and no one else will have one the same as hers!

George at Asda have also kindly sent us a few of their school uniform items, which The Princess is wearing in these photos.  I love the grey tulip skirt, which is a bargain at £4 (can I have one in size 29-30 years please?!) and the tights are lovely and soft and are just £5 for a pack of 3.  We have bought George schoolwear items in the past and they have always been of good quality and generally lasted until The Princess has grown out of them, so I’m confident these items will be of the same standards, as George schoolwear is CHOSEN BY MUMS; TESTED BY KIDS; GUARANTEED BY GEORGE’
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